Thanks, Edgar.
Edgar always came through in the clutch, and on top of that, he's a straight up good guy. A true role model. Modest, hard working and a real team player. Best DH ever.

- Mitzi G.
Not only was he a great DH, he was also a very good third baseman prior, and all around nice guy and fan favorite.

- Robert G.
Can't pinpoint one, there were too many. Always loved how relaxed and calm he looked at the plate, every time.

- Tami K.
Best DH in history, stats prove it. Award named in his honor. Already has several artifacts on display in Cooperstown. Made the Mariners an offense to fear from mid '90s to early 2000's. Favorite memory is definitely the '95 series vs Yankees and of course "the double".

- Allen M.
My dad, who loved baseball and passed away in '92 when I was 11, used to take me and my brother to Mariners games every year when we were growing up. Dad always made sure we were there for batting practice. There was one particular game that Dad caught two batting practice balls, both hit by Edgar. I was convinced it was some sort of plan between the two of them, that Dad somehow knew Edgar. Watching Edgar play at such a high level, as the best DH in baseball, is always tied to watching games with my dad in my mind.

- Andrea L.
He's a personal friend. I wouldn't change being a friend of the Martinez family for the world.

- Russell H.
We saw Superstar's like "The Big Unit" , "The Kid" , A-Rod & Ichiro come and go. They had big personalities and grabbed all the headlines. Edgar stayed. He worked at his craft tirelessly. He approached every at bat with a plan & largely executed it for the betterment of his team. Edgar is a HOFer. Edgar is Seattle. Edgar is ours.

- Ryan D.
The most feared hitter of his era according to the pitchers that had to face him

- Earl F.
He helped save baseball in Seattle and he's done an amazing job sticking with the team even post MLB career. He is the embodiment of Seattle baseball.

- Patrick Y.
Greatest DH ever and the definition of class. Great teammate and competitor. "The Double" saved baseball in Seattle

- Derek W.
One of my earliest memories is going to games with my aunt, and not knowing why the fans kept standing up and sitting down. I was too small to see his home runs around everyone!

- Shelby T.
The Outstanding Designated Hitter Award is named after him for heaven's sake. Get this done. Life is too short.

- Paul B.
Defined a position, helped define an era for Seattle, and defined what it means to be a great, humble man in the process.

- Caleb S.
Edgar Martinez's statistics are real and even more impressive given the steroid fueled era in which he played. 7 All Star Games, 2 batting titles and 4 playoff appearances. It is time for this truly great DH to be honored at Cooperstown.

- Mark E.
Living in New Jersey, and being raised by Yankee fans, seeing The Double made me a Mariners fan for life.

- Mike W.
We love Edgar! Thanks for the memories, Gar! I grew up watching you play in the Kingdome, and hearing your name called out by Niehaus (EEEdgarrrrr Marrrrrtinezzzz!) and watching you play will always be one of my most cherished childhood memories. Thanks for being true to Seattle and giving back. Best Wishes. We all know you're a Hall-of-Famer.

- Michael S.
I wasnt able to watch him through majority of his career because im only 18, but that doesnt mean i couldnt watch highlight videos, I modeled my swing off him, and on my 18th birthday you were inducted into the mariners Hall of Fame. I was able to go, and will never forget the never ending support for you in the community of Seattle. You will always be my hero, as i continue into college baseball, and will be an inspiration for many more kids in Washington to come!

- Jacob D.
During the 90s Gar was M's baseball. Griffey is the bigger name, but for most M's fans Gar is the best M.

- David M.
Edgar was nothing but kind to everyone around him. When I worked at Safeco Field and walked past him he would always smile, acknowledge, and say hello. That meant a lot to behind the scenes people who love the team.

- Blake B.
When I was a kid growing up in Washington I followed Baseball before any other sport. From the time I was 6 I rooted for the Mariners. And growing up in the 80's and 90's I had a number of players to choose as my favorite. Jim Presley, Mr. Mariner, The Bone, and of course, The Kid. But my favorite player was Edgar. No one, NO ONE, could put the ball in play so consistently. No one always hit the right hit, to the right spot, at the right time, like Edgar. Edgar was my favorite baseball player for his entire career. And he still is.

- Mike O.
Growing up in Seattle, I modeled my approach at the plate after Edgar - the best right-handed hitter in the game. He was simply a joy to watch for those who appreciate the small things baseball has to offer. Also, I named one of my cats Edgar!

- Cody C.
I grew up idolizing this guy. He was an amazing hitter and did more offensively in his career than some HoFers do in their careers on both sides of the ball.

- Karl B.
He was my favorite player to watch when I was a little kid. Of course he should be in the hall, there's an award named after him. He deserves to be the first Dh in, since relievers are in so should Dhs they're a part of the game.

- Trevor S.
You were the hero of my household growing up. Thank you so much for all you've done for Seattle and baseball in total.

- Dylan T.
I remember going to my aunt's to get some sugar, as I was standing in the doorway I remember the feeling of hopelessness, that the Ms had gotten so close, and then Edgar hit a double into the gap, I remember crying when Joey and Griffey rounded third. Every February I watch the clip when pitchers and catchers report, and again in April when everyone takes the field for number 1 of 162. And light bat....I will always want a light bat made by Gar...

- David A.
He has an award named after him for outstanding DHs. C'mon, he has to be in the hall!

- Lyman L.
Edgar belongs in the HoF because he dominated and treated hitting like an art form. Not a single opposing pitcher ever wanted to face him. The level of respect his opponents had for his skill is unmatched, and is the main reason he belongs in the hall.

- Robbie P.
I will always remember the 1997 Edgar bat night. The energy in that crowd with thousands of kids with full size bats chanting Edgggarr must have been intimidating to the Yankees that night.

- Michael A.

Thank you so much for giving the city of Seattle so much joy over the years.
Much love.

- Walter N.

The best DH award is named after him. He's hands down one of the best hitters of all time.

- Ray B.
All I remember is that I knew everything was going to be better when he was up to bat. He was at once a calming presence and also a superhero.

- Aaron L.
Best memory of Edgar was when my dad and I were at a game and my dad took a walk around the Kingdome to stretch his legs. Edgar was up to bat and I very clearly hear my dad bellow from the other side of the stadium "EEEEEDDDD-GARRRRRR"

- Nick K.
Edgar's dedication to the city of Seattle and quiet excellence on the field won't ever be forgotten, and deserves to be represented in Cooperstown. Thank you, Edgar!

- Andrew B.
Edgar is the most talented, hardest working, greatest leader/mentor, and one of the most exciting and memorable players to ever step onto the field!! Edgar for the HOF!! ❤️

- Deb P.
When the Mariners had runners in scoring position, there could be nothing more reassuring than knowing that Edgar Martinez was the next batter coming to the plate. In 1972 the American League established Designated Hitter as a specialized position, similarly to field goal kicker as a specialized position in football. Like Jan Stenerud, a football hall-of-famer, Edgar deserves the recognition for the excellence he showed at his position.

- David P.
Edgar was my favorite Mariner and he's the reason I wore #11 in softball growing up! He was a phenomenal player and deserves to be remembered for that.

- Shelby H.
We were very near Cooperstown last summer. But we didn't go. Not until you do, Gar. Edgar for President!

- Pamela B.
Edgar did what he was tasked to do every game. He captured the heart of the city he played in. He enabled the greatest player of all-time to see more pitches. The character, the heart, the stats of a HoF player.

- Brian L.
Growing up watching the M's, I loved watching Edgar go up to bat! His commitment to game, the Mariners and his fans is solid. He's an All-Star and he gets my vote. I'm with Edgar!

- Shannon M.
When Edgar Martinez stepped up to the plate, I stopped talking to my family, cheering, eating—because every time, Edgar Martinez made the field move and the ball fly.

- Kaille K.
Watching Edgar hit growing up was one of the best things about Seattle Mariners Baseball. He really made a difference to the team and the organization as a whole. He not only was an incredible designated hitter, he also stepped in and played several positions on the field where he was as equally impactful. The Mariners would not be the team we are today without him.

- Hayley G.
His swing as a right-handed was the prettiest of all time.

- Kevin P.
My favourite memory of Edgar is either his Mariners HoF weekend or watching 'the double on repeat. One of the greatest ballplayers there ever was, he never gave up on the Mariners and neither will I.

- James
There are too many favorite memories of Edgar to list. The entire series against the Yankees in 95 was one for the ages. He carried the Seattle Mariners into the ALCS. Watching his countless doubles in the gap leading with an incredible eye for the baseball breaking down the pitch in midflight then stroking the ball with his incredible nearly perfect swing. He also is a person with incredible character honesty and integrity. Probably best of all the man and role model he is. This player belongs in Cooperstown. Period.

- Rob G.
How can a man have the designated hitter award named after him not be in the hall of fame. Starting pitchers only pitch every 5 days, designated hitters play everyday

- Doug C.
Edgar was and is such a key part of our Mariners joy-filled experience. He continues to mentor and share his skills and knowledge of the game with others. Edgar is SO DESERVING of being added to the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame picks

- Kathy M.
I remember his cool and collect demeanor every time he got into the box. He never looked like the game was getting to him. Also, I vividly remember when he played his last out of this career.

- Michael C.
Recent memory. My brother and I went to Oakland for a Mariners series in 2016, A lady that has been a fan for years that lived in Oakland had an Edgar customized Jersey, I was at the dugout and Edgar came over and she was about to leave, I asked him to sign her jersey and told him her story, he said SURE! He grabbed her jersey and signed it, and left. She started crying about it to her husband and was so grateful!

- Nikki J.